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Hold mouse over shape to determine size on jacket and the base price:

Total Square Inches
Base Price
1/4 Back
up to 72" square
1/2 Back
up to 144" square
3/4 Back
up to 216" square
Full Back
up to 288" square
Extra Large Back
up to 360" square
Extended Back
up to 432" square

Additional Costs:

Lettering and Text
add $100 (or more)
High Detail Level
add $100 (or more)
Photo-Realistic Design
add $100 (or more)
two-way shipping
$30 (or more) each way

The leather jacket design pictured above is a full back painting on a medium size leather jacket with a photo-realistic subject including high detail level and text lettering. The estimate for that design (or one like it) is $700 (plus any shipping costs).

The above pricing guide is for self-estimates only and may differ from a quote by the artist.

Please submit your design ideas to the artist for a more exact price quote. Thanks.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets exhibited on this site are not for sale. All jacket paintings are commissioned works of art. Each jacket is a one-of-a-kind hand-painted reproduction of artwork requested by individuals.

Leather jackets are supplied by the individual requesting a painting on leather. Shipping is additional to the total price of painting. The leather jacket can be new or used. The best leather jackets to paint on are traditional motocycle jackets. The tough texture makes a good "canvas" for painting. Expensive, soft leather jackets may not work as well. Pleather, plastic faux leather, oil-skins, etc. are not (or may not be) suitable for painting with acrylic paints. If shopping for a leather jacket, pick a style with the painting in mind. A seamless back should be considered but is not required.

All designs are brush-painted by hand with high quality acrylic paints. The finished painting is sealed with a clear coat and varnish. The varnish protects the painting and provides a UV coating to prevent fading from light exposure. The finished painting is washable and weather resistant.

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